Having touble staying still during meditation???

QUESTION: "I've started meditating, but I find sitting for more than 5 minutes so difficult! Am I doing it wrong?"

No you are not doing it wrong and sometimes 5 minutes is enough. But depending on what your wanting from your meditation practice there are some ways to increase the length of time. Try one of the options below and see how it goes. Keep in mind, that like yoga mediation is practice, sitting for extended periods of time doesn't happen over night...‪#‎patience‬

1. Focus on the breath,
2. Repeat a word or statement(mantra) over and over in your mind
3. Listen to a guided meditation.
4. If sitting is uncomfortable try laying down with knees bent or even child's pose
**If you can only do 5 minutes(or less!!) that is totally fine. Stay consistent and try adding 1 minute every time.