Need an at home yoga sequence??? (Play list included!)

Looking for something to do while your snowed in?? Here's a little yoga sequence for you to do at home, I even put together a playlist for you too (if you have any questions send me a message:  This sequence could be 30-60 minutes.  Hold poses for a little less time for a shorter version.

-Start on backs with knees bent 10 breaths eyes closed
-Knees to chest, spinal twist(both sides 10 breaths)
-Knees to chest, rock up onto hands and knees
-5 rounds of cat/cow tilts
-Plank(10 breaths) lower to belly for shalambasa(5 breaths) then down dog
-Low lunge(10 breaths)1/2 split(10 breaths)Runners lunge with open twist(10 breaths) step forward to chair and fold forward
-Step back to plank lower for cobra or up dog(3-5 breaths) down dog
***repeat on other side
-3 Sun Salutation A
-Chair(10 breaths and yes you can!)forward fold, plank, vinyasa back to down dog
-Knee to nose x3 warrior 1, warrior 2, reverse warrior, plank, vinyasa, down dog *** repeat on other side then 1 more time on both sides
-Child's pose(1min), table, thread needle(both sides 5-10 breaths)down dog
-1/2 pigeon(10 breaths each side)
-Come on to back, knees to chest or happy baby
-Spinal twist(both sides about 5-10 breaths on each)