The benefits of Upward Facing Dog(Urdhva Mukha) and Cobra(Bhujangasana)

Upward-Facing Dog or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana is one of those poses that can become mundane as it is repeated so often in a vinyasa class. But this is a powerful pose that has many benefits when done correctly. I have a teacher that encourages lingering in Up Dog for 3-5 breaths before moving into Down Dog. Check out some reasons why lingering in your Up Dog is a good idea:

1. Reverse your hunchback...
Upward Dog is a backbending pose, and a great one at that
2. Stretch your abdomen...
Aside from opening up your chest, this pose also helps bring space to your abdomen
3. Strengthen your back...
In this pose, you’ll be flexing all of your back muscles in order to create the backwards arching shape that comes with this pose, and you’ll be using the strength of your back to lift your body off of the ground
4. Open your heart.
This pose is heart opener. When you practice heart-opening postures, you are communicating to your body that you are safe and secure. You may notice that when you are feeling sad or scared that you naturally collapse your chest and hunch your shoulders