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Open Your Heart: Back Bending Workshop

Back bending can invigorate, terrify, and  crack your heart wide open. This powerful practice doesn’t have to be scary. When the body is properly warmed up across the front, back and lateral planes: deeper backbends can be fluid, instinctual and full of ease. You will be skillfully led through a sequence of postures that warm up the body, with special focus on the shoulders, hamstrings, hips, chest and upper back, hip flexors and pelvis. Using a creative flow with emphasis on the space behind the heart and the side body, we will move toward deeper backbends including  Locust, Camel, Bow, Bridge and Wheel. Helpful, accessible modifications will be offered along the way. We’ll end with an extended savasana and guided relaxation. There will be a strong focus on alignment and advanced options will be given for those with a deeper backbending practice. Peel back the layers of fear to expose your strength and resilience!


Creating a Thriving and Sustainable Yoga business…

Teacher Training is over, now what?

You've spent the time, money, and energy learning how to lead classes, but how do you actually get those gigs? And, once you do, how do you turn it into a career instead of a side hustle?  It's very common to feel overwhelmed or a little lost after teacher training so let me help you!

I don’t want you to fall into the trap of becoming the stereotypical, starving yoga teacher who runs from studio to studio teaching 20 classes per week. Not knowing what to offer or how to remain visible in a competitive industry, eventually burning out with nothing to show for it. I want to help you use your energy, passion, and training to create a thriving business! 

In this workshop, I'll teach you how to reach out to studios and how to prepare for auditions. You'll learn best practices for curating corporate and private clients... I'll be sharing everything I've learned in the last 5 years- the good, the bad, and the ugly, so you can become a successful and thriving teacher! Beyond the studio, we're going to cover the business of yoga. I'll share with you how to have an authentic, engaging social media presence with REAL followers who love your work. You'll learn how to create marketing that speaks directly to the best audience for YOUR teaching style. We'll discuss how to effectively niche your work and create multiple streams of income that expand upon your teaching and incorporate the skills you already have. 

Over the last 5 years, I've taught in large and small studios, corporate work environments, and in-home private clients. I've lead and organized local and international retreats, created a separate pop-up yoga business, and hosted large scale, outdoor events. I've made the classic mistakes and I've learned the hard way that burnout is real, but it's a choice- and it's one you don't have to make! I knew if I was going to keep doing the thing I loved most- teaching- I HAD to focus on a sustainable and attainable business model that supported me emotio 

This workshop is for any one who has completed or is currently enrolled in a 200hr Teacher Training. 


Free your spine & the rest will follow...

Does it ever feel like “same old, same old”? Another day waking up with aches and pains in your neck and shoulders starting the day stressed and you wondering if it’s ever going to change... 

This workshop is designed to help you ditch those aches and pains and give you some take home tools to help you free up your upper body.  You will learn to unlock your shoulders, relax and align your neck and find more freedom in your upper back and chest. You will practice exercises and postures that will help relieve tension and restrictions in the upper body due to poor posture, repetitive stress injuries or imbalanced work habits.

Tending to the mobility and strength of your muscles and joints invites greater balance into your practice.  By incorporating longer holds, mindful pranayama, warming asana and some powerfully passive yin, you'll strengthen & lengthen your shoulders, chest, neck and back. A flexible body is stronger, more mobile, resilient, spacious & free.


From the Ground Up

Have you have ever wanted to practice yoga, but felt intimidated to hop into a yoga class? Maybe you have taken a few classes, but would like to step back and focus on the basics. Do you say, “I’m not flexible enough”?  Yoga is for every and everyone can have a fulfilling yoga practice.

In this workshop you will be skillfully guided through the classic postures of a Vinyasa practice: pranayama(breathing), meditation, sun salutations, warrior poses, chaturanga and back bends. A strong focus will be placed on alignment and core engagement. Having a solid understanding of these components, you will be able to build a strong practice that you can easily expand, explore and modify. This workshop is appropriate for all fitness levels. Bring a towel & water and an open mind!