Our yoga practice is our time to feel alive, loved and free.

Jenna Hill is a Yoga Instructor in and around the Boston Community.  Jenna specializes in a powerful, playful and deeply authentic flow that is welcoming to all levels, ages and body types. You will sweat, laugh and find release in her safely challenging, upbeat, creative sequences. Jenna was called to teach yoga after years as a social worker, and she continues to serve her community by offering compassionate, healing and most of all vibrant classes.


About Jenna



Jenna is the consummate yoga teacher: respectful of each body’s abilities and limits, encouraging when she knows you’re capable of doing more, and passionate about the discipline and the practice, her classes are a safe haven from your own mind and the negative self-talk that takes place within it. From new and innovative transitions to rare pose variations, her classes always feel engaging and appropriately challenging. She’s helped me begin to take my practice off the mat and into the life I live.
— Hannah