I am going to be completely honest, yoga was not always my first love. I didn't have an "Oh My God, this is what I have been searching for my whole life", moment after I took my first class. I know...not what I am supposed to say. I was a gym rat, doing intense daily workouts and popping into a yoga class here and there for stretching. After sustaining an injury that didn't allow me to do anything high impact a friend invited me to a Hip-Hop Yoga class.  While I still wasn't sold on the yoga, the music was cool so I kept going.  After about 6 months, I started trying some different classes and teachers and slowly began to enjoy the practice itself.  I realized that I was in love with this practice of yoga, with all my body was able to do and how it felt-no judgements, no expectations.

As a teacher, I strive to offer a safe, welcoming and grounded experience.  There is space for everyone, beginners and seasoned practioners. Taking care of people is in my nature so creating a nuturing, giving people time to breathe, to let go is somethingI treasure.  Prior to teaching yoga I was a social worker for about 10 years. I was working in some very high stress environments and saw firts hand in others as well as in myself the physical alimwnts that come when we are not taking care of ourswelves mentally and phuysically.   I see teaching as an extension of my social work; therapy but in a very different way.  Instead of sitting and talking to someone to help them feel better, I am helping my students help themselves through movement, breath and healing assists. In my classes you will find strength, a deeply authentic flow and a welcoming space to all levels, ages and body types.

Jenna is one of my favorite yoga teachers in the Boston area. Her classes are a great mix of powerful, athletic, and meditative movement. Her sequencing is thoughtful and fun, and she will patiently lead you to places you never though you could go. I always leave her class feeling centered yet energized, and ready to take on the rest of my day. If nothing else, her awesome playlists and *amazing* assists will keep you coming back!
— Katie G.


It is important to me to maintain my personal practice and education as a student and teacher. I am honored to be guided by the teachings of my mentor, Tim Kelleher.

RYT-200 Radiant Yoga School Boston August 2013

Art of Alignment & Assisting-2013

Embodying The Flow-Sequencing and Teaching Prana Flow-2013

The Power of Touch with Nicole Clark-2014

Advanced Teaching Mentorship with Tim Kelleher and Daniel Max-2016