My teaching schedule keeps me flowing in and around the Boston Community. In my classes you will find a powerful and deeply authentic flow that is welcoming to all regardless of age, gender, race, body size, economic status or physical ability- yoga is for everybody and everyBODY. You will sweat, laugh and find release within a safely challenging and creative sequence. After many years as a social worker I feel honored to continue to serve my community through compassionate healing and vibrant classes.


Yoga was not always my first love. I didn't have an "Oh My God, this is what I have been searching for my whole life", moment after I took my first class. I know...not what I am supposed to say. I was a gym girl, doing intense daily workouts and popping into a yoga class here and there for stretching. After sustaining an injury that didn't allow me to do anything high impact a friend invited me to a Hip-Hop Yoga class.  While I still wasn't sold on the yoga, I loved the music so I kept going.  After about 6 months, I started trying some different classes and teachers and slowly began to enjoy the practice itself.  I realized that I was in love with this practice of yoga, with all my body was able to do and how it felt-no judgements, no expectations.

As a teacher, I strive to offer a safe, welcoming and grounded experience.  There is space for everyone, beginners and seasoned practitioners. Taking care of people is in my nature so creating a nurturing space, giving people time to breathe, to let go is something I treasure.  Prior to teaching yoga I was a social worker in Boston Public Schools and at a Residential Treatment Center for young men.  I saw first hand in others as well as in myself the physical ailments that come when we are not taking care of ourselves mentally and physically.   I see teaching as an extension of my social work; therapy but in a very different way.  Instead of sitting and talking to someone to help them feel better, I am helping my students help themselves through movement, breath and healing assists. In my classes you will find strength, a deeply authentic flow and a welcoming space to all levels, ages and body types.

Jenna is one of my favorite yoga teachers in the Boston area. Her classes are a great mix of powerful, athletic, and meditative movement. Her sequencing is thoughtful and fun, and she will patiently lead you to places you never though you could go. I always leave her class feeling centered yet energized, and ready to take on the rest of my day. If nothing else, her awesome playlists and *amazing* assists will keep you coming back!
— Katie G.


It is important to me to maintain my personal practice and education as a student and teacher.

RYT-200 Radiant Yoga School August 2013

Art of Alignment & Assisting-2013

Embodying The Flow-Sequencing and Teaching Prana Flow-2013

The Power of Touch with Nicole Clark-2014

Advanced Teaching Mentorship with Tim Kelleher and Daniel Max-2016